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Supporting you to achieve the positive life changes you wish for

My name is Susan Watson and I am an accredited Hypnotherapist, Coach, EFT and Kinetic Shift Practitioner. I draw on over 20 years in the Corporate world as both a people manager and coach to empower and support individuals or groups to make life long changes and to meet their full potential.

Through my years of people management experience, I have helped many people, based on the method of NLP and other techniques to achieve their personal goals and professional development and find this very rewarding. I have a relaxed and down to earth approach and enjoy open and honest interaction, my own life experiences have taught me the importance of trust and confidence and every client has this guarantee with me. My Ethics, qualifications and insurance is available for anyone to view on request.

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I specialise in reducing anxiety, stress and low confidence and self-esteem, supporting you to move on and leave trauma pain behind you. I can support you through the changes you need to make to leave all those negative emotions behind you such as grief, shame, hurt and anger. I will work with you to make positive changes in your life and build your confidence and self-esteem; so that you can move on to the life you wish for



I work with a fast system that removes any old unnecessary pain quickly and easily, Your mind sends you pain signals to protect you and make you aware something is wrong, at a time when the body has healed the pain signals continue. I can remove those old unwanted pain signals very quickly and comfortably. This technique has had wonderful results with Fibromyalgia, migraines and so much more. This is completed in a single session.

My areas of specialism are


Confidence building

Pain Reduction

Fears & Phobias


I believe that everyone has the capacity to grow and change, but it isn’t always easy to do this all by yourself and the time must be right for the challenge.  You are the expert in your own life, the one who will make the changes. I do not offer advice or have any desired result that is not yours. You at all times are the decision maker.

Our professional relationship is vital to the success of the change process, I use my observation and understanding and experience to support you on your own personal journey of change to achieve your chosen goals.

I achieved “Distinction” for my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Accredited by

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
The Hypnotherapy Association
International Hypnosis Association
International Institute of Professional Coaches and Hypnotherapists