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Weight Loss and Wellness

I run sessions in Wellness and weight loss, this covers nutrition, sleep patterns, exercise and building positive relationships with food. We meet for one session each week, to build in positive changes to your life that are life long and not just for the 6-week period. This isn’t a diet club, as I am looking to install changes that are for life however substantial weight changes will take place if my guidance is followed. The techniques I use on the sessions depend on your needs, however I usually use a mix of coaching, EFT and hypnosis. I also issue self-hypnosis recordings tailored to your needs to be used daily if required. I am also available to contact at any time as an SOS if extra support is every needed at no extra cost and you will be given access to a closed support group on Face Book.


Fibromyalgia and Chronic pain

I look at pain, sleeping patterns, exercise, diet and then change work. This is a series of sessions to promote overall wellness. I look to reduce pain and increase a quality of life. For those sessions, I use coaching, Kinetic shift, EFT and hypnosis. Homework is given at each session and at each session a new self-hypnosis recording is given to be listened to daily.


For phobias I use Kinetic Shift , NLP hypnosis and a selection of fast working efficient techniques. This is a very effective way to remove phobias forever. Generally speaking, a phobia can be removed in 1 or 2 sessions using this method.

Confidence building / self- esteem

When you come to me for help building stronger self-belief and confidence. I use a mix of Hypnosis, Kinetic Shift, coaching and EFT. I also supply self-hypnosis recordings at no extra cost.

Stress / Anxiety

When you come to me for help with any stress or anxiety situations. I use a mix of Hypnosis, Kinetic Shift, coaching, Mindfulness and EFT. I also supply self-hypnosis recordings at no extra cost. All the sessions are tailored to suit your own personal needs. I also offer access to a closed group on face book which allows individuals to share ideas all support each other.



When working with addictions such as Sugar addictions and Smoking cessation and other types of addiction, I initially have a coaching approach and a detailed discussion to ensure I have a full understanding, then I use a mix of hypnosis, kinetic shift and EFT. I have had fabulous results with this. Life-long smokers stopping after one session. I should add here that you really must want to stop this addiction and have full commitment to doing so, will power is required, no technique I offer would have positive results without your 100% desire to put an end to your addiction forever.

Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Self-hypnosis is a wonderful tool that is both rewarding and a life-long asset. Whilst you may learn the techniques to resolve a current problem, self-hypnosis it is a process that once learned; can be of use to you throughout your life.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I will explain this further, If you attended a session with me, you put yourself into hypnosis and my role would be to simply guide you into that state. You listen to my words as I induce you into the hypnotic state and then you interpret them and react to them to make the positive changes that you desire.

With self- hypnosis recordings, I still guide you into that state and talk you through the positive changes you wish for. Once you have learned this technique of self-hypnosis, you can use it on a regular basis. In fact, you can use self-hypnosis daily.

Remember do not use the recordings when driving or working machinery. You should only use the recordings when sitting or lying down, relaxing, so that you can achieve the full benefits of the hypnosis safety

Here at Perfect Solutions we keep the emphasis on quality, each and every one of our self-hypnosis audio recordings are produced to the highest standards possible, using state of the art equipment in a professional recording studio.

Weight Maintenance

A relaxing self-hypnosis recording for health eating and life style to support your weight loss.

Kids Bedtime Story

Kids bedtime story – to calm you child and develop happy and positive behaviors – No more tantrums

Happy sleep

Kids bedtime story – Happy sleep, lovely children’s story, perfect for bedtime to encourage restful and peaceful sleep


A self-hypnosis recording to encourage relaxation and easing of stress and anxiety

Stop Smoking

Self-hypnosis recording to support you with stop smoking & making positive life changes.

Pain Management

Self-hypnosis recording to help ease and help reduce your discomfort

Full Weight Loss Session Hypnotherapy by Perfect Solutions Coaching & Hypnosis

This package for weight loss is as close as possible to having a face to face session with a change/hypnotherapist – Your own weight loss therapist in your own home.
Included in this package is an 13-page information document detailing reference material for the session.
There is a coaching session to get you thinking about the real reasons why weight may be an issue, a short talk on nutrition with some hints and tips, a full self-hypnosis recording for you to listen to daily and an EFT lesson on how to use tapping for weight loss and cravings as well as a diagram for tapping points.
Enjoy a session with a therapist in your own home…. at less than half the price

I also work with many other areas which are too great to list, if you wish to discuss any situation or have any questions please get touch today. I am available to answer any questions you may have.